Minimoog Model D Portable Synthesizer Resumes Production

Videos by American Songwriter

Videos by American Songwriter


The Minimoog Model D, the first ever portable synthesizer, has resumed production after 30 years. Introduced in 1970, the Minimoog Model D paved the way for the electronic keyboard. Its funky sound can be heard on iconic recordings, including Bob Marley’s Catch A Fire, Michael Jackson’s Thriller, and Dr. Dre’s The Chronic.

The portable synthesizer has been modified to meet 21st-century sonic demands. According to the company, these include a “Fatar keybed with velocity and after pressure available via top panel CV jacks, a dedicated analog LFO with triangle and square waveshapes, CV outputs for pitch, gate, velocity and after pressure, basic MIDI integration, and a mixer overload modification.”

Minimoog Model Ds are hand made in Asheville, NC, at the employee-owned Moog Music factory. An authorized dealer can be found here. See a detailed history of the Minimoog in the video below.

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