More Songs We Absolutely Love From the 2022 Song Contest, Vol. II

American Songwriter’s 2022 Song Contest drew a massive number of outstanding entries, so we believe it’s worth sharing some of our favorites. Check out the second part of those songs below. Volume I can be found HERE and the winners of this year’s contest can be found HERE


“Happiness is a Boy” By Matthew Orgel

“Haggard” By Clint Draper, Kaitlyn Draper

“Feelings” By Savannah Brister, Terence F. Clark, Chris Carter

“Halfway” By Emma Harvey, Kel Taylor

“All Of Your Ways” By Ryan Cam

“The Box” By Matthew Soileau, Brandon Chase

“Heartbreak Motel” By Bella Kelly, David Gnozzi

“Not Over Getting Over You” By Brooke Stilla, Brooke Azzopardi, Jonathan Karkar

“Wya” By Giovanna Tobias

“It Was Always In My Eyes” By Chris Lippincott, Ivan Theva

“I Do What I Want” By Meg Pfeiffer, Luca Stricagnoli

“I Go Crazy” By Jaime Jaworecki, Gabe Simon, Nick Schwarz

“WFMT” By Natalie Dankert

“I Promise To” By Tanner Sparks, John Roberson

“Bright Side” By Rosie Cerquone

“Old Ojai” By Josh Dillard

“Walk Away” By Christy Sasser

“Never Mine” By Blake Rackley, Josh Wright

“I Saw You” By Bree Gonzalez

“Find Me” By Devin Castleton

“Weekend Wars” By Elaska Young

“Joker” By Madeleine Kelson

“Soy Tendencia” By Lianet Rivero

“Till You Leave It” By Sophia Annello, Mary Kutter, Brian Alexander, Andrew Capra

“Plenty” By Jessica Meilman

“Silhouettes” By Stephen Warwick

“Daddy’s Girl” By Halo Kitsch

“Solo” By Ryan Cam

“What A Day” By Jordan Herbst

“The Best Worst Thing” By Skyler Day

“Make You Proud” By Madeleine Kelson

“Mothers” By Kate Schutt

“Jesus Was a Sailor” By Lily Talmers

“Muse” By Amber Farnan, Donna Dyson

“Say the Word” By Megan Mortensen, Adam Allison, Max Berlin

“Now We Know” By Jennifer Kern

“Tomorrow” By Roger Street Friedman

“Outside Looking In” By Zach Day

“The River” By Paulin Skoglund-Voss

“How That Feels” By Bruce Ede

“Phoenix” By Josh Howerton

“Say A Prayer Matilda” By Barry Carroll

“Just Like You” By Zach Skarzynski

“Suave” By Brandon Pacini

“Tell Me” By Makena Shlens

“Vangeles” By James Hall, Alexander J. Hall, Christopher W. Smith

“Silver Screen” By Anaïs Lund

“Happy Endings” By Stephen Sylvester

“The Trouble With Love” By Matthew Doers, Lisa McQuade

“Laura” By Taylor Bradshaw

“This Flag” By Matthew Ascione

“Beside You” By Lee Smith

“Never Be The Same” By Danielle Mattachini

“Twice” By Greg Shilling

“Son” By Jonny Puder

“Worth A Shot ” By Trey Calloway, Aaron Pax Taylor

“The Line” By Luke Wygodny, Marina Pires

“Walk Again” By Chaz Langley

“the villain i’ve been” By Amanda Aponte

“Way Back Home” By Jonathan Rock

“Play the Game” By Will Lynde

“Takes My Breath Away” By Lance Kotara, LeAnna Kaufman

“Perfect Sense” By Audrey Assad

“House of Broken Mirrors” Theresa Gorella, Alex DeVor

“Well-Lit House” By Kara Fink

“Closer, Lover” By Andrew McGrath

“The Blood Moon” By Helene Alexandra Jaeger

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