MyKey, Cavetown Share Texts For How “Was It Something I Said” Came to Be

MyKey is sort of like that one friend we all have who sees the world a little bit differently – a true DIY multi-hyphenate singer, songwriter, musician, producer, engineer, and creator who taps into a deep sense of empathy in his folky storytelling + bedroom pop production.

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Cavetown is a 21-year old endearingly awkward and quirky singer/songwriter/self-taught producer who has built an impressive following with more than 4M monthly Spotify listeners, and 1.3M Youtube subscribers with over 145M video views.

How do they collaborate? Like two kids normally would, via text.

We got ahold of the screenshots from their chat to show you how it all goes down!
MyKey is blue bubbles, Cavetown is black bubbles.

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