NBA Star Jimmy Butler Rocks Emo Hair and Cowboy Getup for Fall Out Boy Collaboration

Miami Heat forward Jimmy Butler is fully leaning into his emo cowboy side with a starring role in Fall Out Boy’s new music video for the track “So Much (For) Stardust” off their 2023 album of the same name. Butler appears in the video alongside bassist Pete Wentz, both of them dressed up in flashy country western outfits.

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This emo look is not a first for Butler, however. He sported the look—alongside facial piercings and black nail polish—at the Miami Heat’s 2023 press day. The cowboy look might not be a first for him either, as he recently revealed that he’s been working on a debut country album.

Don’t ever say Jimmy Butler doesn’t have far-reaching and varied interests. Basketball, emo, country music, this guy does it all. The video has a vintage look featuring Butler in a gold and purple Nudie suit—the style of western wear made famous by designer Nudie Cohn—with Wentz sporting a similar cream, yellow, and gold suit. Butler dances and lip-syncs to frontman Patrick Stump’s vocals, holding an acoustic guitar emblazoned with his name.

Wentz appears in the video when Butler shakes a bedazzled Magic 8-Ball, and the two begin to awkwardly dance. Awkward, yes, but they look like they’re having a good time, as if the stiff movements are on purpose. As one fan stated in the comments of the music video, “They really made the most ambitious song of the album a single and then gave it the weirdest music video,” along with a laughing emoji.

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Jimmy Butler Talks Country Music Debut

Jimmy Butler, for his part, is looking to make his country music debut sometime soon, when his “other job” with the Miami Heat winds down. According to Butler’s recent interview with Rolling Stone, he’s been “in the lab writing and producing country music” but is keeping his collaborations a secret. However, he promised there would be “some real artists and songwriters” on the album.

“There’s definitely going to be an album. That’s the goal. I just don’t know when,” said Butler after reveling he’s created around 45 songs. “The date I want to do it always gets pushed back because this other job that I have, playing basketball, kind of overshadows everything,” he continued with a laugh. “And maybe some of the songs will be down the line for my second or third album,” adding, “I can’t wait to get it to the people.”

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