Next BIG Nashville: The Highlights!


The Bridges perform at 12th and Porter. Photo by Katie Chow.

The Next Big Nashville And Leadership Music Digital Summit has come and gone, and this year’s edition was easily the best one ever. Here are some highlights:

Jonny Corndawg’s homecoming at The Basement on Friday night, with one of the best backing bands in Nashville, had the audience glowing afterward, with the resounding feeling that it was possibly the best Corndawg show of all time.

Chicago’s The Hood Internet got the dance party started early on Thursday night at Mercy Lounge, slicing up faves like Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean,” MGMT’s “Kids,” Yeasayer’s “O.N.E.” and Talking Heads’ “Psycho Killer.”

Watching The Basement turn into a prep fest as Futurebirds took the stage (it looked Polo and Lacoste threw up.)

Roman Candle’s Timshel Matheny performing while nine months pregnant! There was almost one more Roman Candle fan in the audience.

Giving singer-songwriter Dylan LeBlanc a disquisition on the merits of George Dickel whiskey at The Basement.

Yeasayer bringing the one-eyed one-armed blob creature from the “Madder Red” video onstage with them. Also, everyone going crazy for “Ambling Alp” – even people who love wallowing in misery can get behind that song. Positive vibes all around.

The wild Eventbrite Party, held in a decommissioned slaughterhouse, featuring The Features, who Caleb Followill name-checked during his NBN interview.

Big Machine Honcho Scott Borchetta’s closing words, “Don’t take shit from anybody and believe in yourself” during conference day one.

The Hood Internet’s Grizzly Bear vs. Dead Prez mashup – people probably only freak out more over “Two Weeks” when Grizzly Bear are playing it themselves.

Aussie singer-songwriter Henry Wagons making fun of one of our interns, mid-song, for not knowing anything about roulette.

Dancing without inhibitions to the Mad Men theme song at the RJD2 show.

Mario (from Super Mario Bros.) helping RJD2 end his set Thursday night.

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