Nick Deutsch Asks For Vulnerability And Communication On New Single “Talk 2 Me”

Last Friday, singer-songwriter Nick Deutsch released his newest single, “Talk 2 Me.” Previously winning 2nd place in American Songwriter’s lyric contest for his song “Crazy Ride,” Deutsch is an accomplished songwriter whose emotional express is met only by his tact and talent.

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A proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, Deutsch is able to talk about love and struggle in a way that is both illuminating of his experience and of the human experience in general. “Talk 2 Me” offers a passionate look into the pains of having a partner who is seemingly giving up on the relationship and withholding their true feelings.

“I needed to express the isolation and frustration I was feeling,” he told American Songwriter. “There’s nothing worse than being madly in love with someone, knowing something is wrong — only to be met with silence. I think men are still very much cultured to keep their feelings inside and it can be really difficult to be vulnerable and communicate when you’ve never practiced it. I sometimes think we are so afraid of hurting people that we don’t say anything at all or just disappear, but leaving people in wonder is really worse.”

While that situation is certainly a difficult and frustrating one, Deutsch avoids making “Talk 2 Me”  a song of despair. Rather, the song has a certain hope to it, a certain lightness that emits compassion. This is partly accomplished by Deutsch’s crystal clear voice and tasteful acoustic-pop arrangement, and partly by his endearing energy. 

“I want listeners to know they are not alone,” Deutsch said. “If you are in this situation — all you can do is be honest with your partner and hope that in time, answers will come. If not, hopefully the song can bring some empathy and emotional catharsis. We are all struggling with communication in some way.”

Listen to Nick Deutsch’s new single “Talk 2 Me” below:

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