On New Single, STACEY Escapes To Somewhere “Far Away”

“Sometimes it feels like the world’s coming down,” STACEY sings in her new single “Far Away.”

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Sonically inspired by classics like The Beach Boys and thematically inspired by a desire to escape the ever-worsening headlines, “Far Away” finds STACEY doing what she does best: creating a dreamy song world that feels suspended from time. 

“Even before the pandemic, the news was making me feel like the sky was falling all the time,” she told American Songwriter. “I wanted to paint a dream existence for the listener that was an escape from whatever they might be dealing with, as if all the turmoil was over. I hope people find some healing in it. I just want to bring some peace and love and empathy into the world.”

While the ‘escape’ that the Jimmy Buffett-esque escapism of the ‘70s offered ultimately just turned into a more aesthetically pleasing form of the thing folks were trying to escape from, STACEY’s 2020 brand of escapism is less of an ideological expression and more of a therapeutic one. That is to say, she’s not necessarily advocating for a total disconnection from the gloom of the news, but rather to accept that it’s okay to stop and take a breath every once in a while. 

Paired with the song is a visually mesmerizing video directed by filmmaker/photographer Laura-Lynn Petrick. The video shows STACEY in full ‘60s garb in a variety of beautiful settings. The video captures the effortlessly hazy and nostalgic nature of the song, like thick sunlight flowing down onto golden grass in the summertime. 

Watch the music video for STACEY’s new single “Far Away” below:

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