Outkast’s Big Boi Goes Viral for Unveiling Pet Owl Hootie

For many years, Outkast rappers, Big Boi and Andre 3000, were inseparable.

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More recently, though, both rappers, while remaining friends, have gone out and ventured into solo careers.

But Big Boi seems to have found a new life co-pilot: a pet owl he’s named Hootie. And showing it off, the rapper went viral this week on social media.

Check out a video of the rapper with his feathered friend below. (And check out American Songwriter’s interview with the rapper HERE.)

The Twitter account for Rap All-Stars shared the video, writing, “Big Boi brought his pet owl ‘Hootie’ to the studio.”

In the video, Big Boi introduces viewers to Hootie, saying, “We’re live… the bird is sleepy in the daytime, which is pretty much natural because she is nocturnal. I can’t fault her for that. I’m gonna let [Hootie] go back and go to sleep. Say ‘bye.’ Say ‘bye’ Hootie. Say ‘bye.’ Let ’em see your wings. Let ’em see your wings. Let ’em see your wings! Oh there you go, there you go. There you go! Yeah!”

Hootie then shows off a bit, getting close to the camera, and showing her wingspan, much to the rapper’s happiness. Check it all out below.

And speaking of Andre 3000, Big Boi told us about meeting his former partner in song when we spoke to him a few years ago. And what he loves most about music. See below.

American Songwriter: Do you remember the first time you met André?

Big Boi: It was cool. It was, you know, just cool. We were new to a school, Tri-Cities High School in East Point in 10th grade. There were a lot of kids from different schools who transferred to this one school so nobody really knew each other. It was like a group of guys, it was like maybe five or six of us. And we started hanging out. Then me and Dre, you know, just stuck to each other and were like, you know, brothers. We were just in and out of school just kind of coolin’. He’s one of my best friends.

AS: What do you love most about music?

BB: What I love most about music is that it has the power to change the world. And to reach people. That’s one thing that I love about the social media aspect of it. Like, I could make a song today and give it to my fans within thirty minutes, you know what I’m saying? By just pushing a button. It has the power to move people. So, just be watchful of what you say and, well, KRS-ONE said it best: edutainment. You can educate and entertain at the same time.

Check out Big Boi’s latest single release, “Animalz,” which came out several months ago and let us know what you think by commenting below.

 (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

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