‘American Idol’ Star Luke Bryan Says Fans Are Wrong About Why He Keeps Falling on Stage

While going viral can be great for singers and celebrities, Luke Bryan’s recent surge in popularity didn’t come thanks to a new song or album. Instead, it came after footage of him falling on stage circulated online. Although the video only showed the singer falling, many have discussed the slip and what might have caused it. For some, they see the video as nothing more than an accident. But for others, they saw a much deeper issue that surrounded the singer’s drinking habits. While all just rumors, Bryan decided to clear the air and share what really happened. 

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Stopping by Jimmy Kimmel Live, Bryan seemed right at home when he walked on stage. While the two shared a great conversation, Kimmel decided to play a highlight reel that included his fall. While laughing at the video, Bryan shared the rumors that surrounded the video. “Well, first of all, everybody — you check the comments on the fans talking about the fall, and there’s nine out of 10 comments that point to me being drunk.” Apparently, alcohol had nothing to do with the fall as the singer admitted someone dropped water on stage. 

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Luke Bryan Admits To Being Stupid And Tough

Explaining how water got on the stage, Bryan added, “I’m 6’2”. I’m up there trying to do Michael Jackson moves in too big of a frame, and when you add water to a stage and slick cowboy boots, you go down hard. It’s not alcohol, fans. People are assuming — you can’t just drink a bottle of vodka and go do a two-hour show.”

Seeing the slip as just another funny moment in his career, Bryan insisted, “If you’re gonna be stupid, you gotta be tough — I am that. Somehow I have dodged injury, and I can’t predict when it will happen again. I got really — there was about four in a row, like it was North Carolina only, so people were assuming I was drinking moonshine, but that wasn’t it.”

Although a hilarious moment, the fall didn’t come with consequences as Bryan said, “Ironically, last week, I was having back trouble to the point where I had to get a chiropractor to the room. [Anyway], so when I hit the ground, I was like, ‘Oh!’ The first thing [I thought] was, ‘Oh God, all the work I did to get my back feeling better is out!'”

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