Paul McCartney’s Son, James, Pays Tribute to Late Mom Linda with Poignant Throwback Photo

Paul McCartney’s first wife, Linda, sadly passed away on April 17, 1998, from cancer at the age of 56. To commemorate the anniversary of her death, James McCartney, Linda and Paul’s only son, has posted a poignant message and throwback photo on his social media pages.

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The black-and-white photo shows Linda standing behind James as a child and taking the photo of him as he peers directly into a mirror.

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In an accompanying message, James writes, “Mum was beautiful, lovely, peaceful, joyous and so sweet. I wish I could see her. And how do I? By being the best version I can be of myself. Where are you? Heaven? I’m with you. Xxx”

Fans React to James McCartney’s Post

James’ heartfelt post inspired many fans to respond with their own messages in the comments section of his Instagram page.

“She is always with you. Always!” one fan wrote. “You look just like your dad! Beautiful family!”

Another commented, “Thank you for your sweet post, James! We also miss her, but her photos & songs will make us happy forever.”

A third fan wrote, “Your mother was lovely person and photographer. Make her proud of you James. Your new music is brilliant.”

About Linda McCartney

Linda Eastman was already a respected music photographer when she met Paul McCartney in 1967. The couple married in 1969, and Linda went on to became a member of Paul’s post-Beatles band Wings. She also co-wrote many songs with her husband.

James, who was born in 1977, is the youngest of the couple’s three children. Their other two are daughters Mary (born 1969) and Stella (born 1971). Linda also had a daughter, Heather, in 1962 with her first husband. Paul later formally adopted Heather.

About James’ New Collaboration with Sean Lennon

As previously reported, James recently released a new song called “Primrose Hill,” that he co-wrote with the late John Lennon’s son Sean. The track is available now as a digital download and via streaming services.

On April 15, James posted a video clip shot by his sister Mary on his social media pages that’s set to the new tune. The video features him dancing in the evening under a starlit sky.

“Primrose Hill” Video Contest

James used the clip to promote the contest he launched asking fans to contribute footage that might be used in the upcoming music video for “Primrose Hill.”

According to a webpage set up promoting the contest, video submissions must be between one minute and three minutes long, and must “capture the essence of love and romance while showcasing the beauty of [a] couple’s favorite romantic location.”

The videos should show the couples “enjoying each other’s company, engaging in activities, and listening to … ‘Primrose Hill.’” The clips also must only feature “Primrose Hill” as the background music. Submissions will be accepted until midnight ET on Friday, April 19.

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