P*rno for Pyros Reunite with Bassist Mike Watt at Secret Los Angeles Loft Party (See Gallery)

P*rno for Pyros played a secret show in downtown Los Angeles, California on Friday (November 17), which reunited the band with bassist Mike Watt. “We’re back in Downtown Los Angeles where our humble beginnings are from,” said singer Perry Farrell to the crowd. “It’s gnarly, artistic, and exciting.”

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Formerly of the Minutemen, The Stooges, and several other bands, Watt played with P*rno For Pyros from 1995 through 1998 and recently joined the band for one-off appearances from 2020 through 2022.

Throughout their four-song set, the band went into Pyros’s classics like “Tahitian Moon” and “Pets,” along with “Good God’s://Urge!” and “Aqua,” the band’s first new song in 26 years.

“Opening up portals to new vibrations last night in the heart of the city,” wrote the band on Instagram. “Welcome to the world ‘Agua,’ it’s nice to know ya.”

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The secret show brought them back to their roots, supporting underground bands like Mr. Dinkles, Tyler Hammond Jazz Experience, and Glossy, among others.

Nearly two months after postponing their reunion tour, the band is currently working on new music with its original lineup of Farrell, Peter DiStefano, Stephen Perkins, and Martyn LeNoble and released “Agua” on November 7.

Inspired by dolphin encounters that members of the band encountered while surfing in the 1990s, “Aqua” will appear on the band’s forthcoming EP, out February 2024. “Our new single, an ode to the sea and all its beautiful creatures,” wrote the band in a post, teasing the track on social media.

The band released their second and final album, Good God’s Urge in 1996, before breaking up two years later, playing their last full-length concert at the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa, Florida on Sept. 17, 1998.

A year before disbanding, P*rno for Pyros also released the single “Hard Charger,” which was featured in the 1997 Howard Stern biopic Private Parts. In 2009, P*rno for Pyros briefly reunited for Farrell’s 50th birthday and again for a Lollapalooza live-stream event in 2020.

On May 23, 2022, P*rno for Pyros reunited for the band’s first full show in more than 20 years at the Rockville Festival in Daytona Beach, Florida. Throughout the year, the band also played Lollapalooza festivals and a show at the Metro concert hall in Chicago.

P*rno for Pyros is set to go on their Horns, Thorns En Halos Tour in 2024. The tour also commemorates the band’s 30-year anniversary and the release of their eponymous 1993 debut.

“We are beyond thankful for all of your support these last 30 years, and are anxious to celebrate our 30th anniversary with you,” wrote the band on Instagram. “Whilst rehearsing for our first tour in 25 years, we’ve also been in the studio creating new music that we were hoping to get to you in time for these shows. Unfortunately, we have had to move the dates for the upcoming tour as we were not able to begin our campaign in time.”

They continued, “So, we’ve pushed the tour a few months from now, in order for everyone to hear and appreciate the new material that is finally finished.”

Photos by Carlo Cavaluzzi / Courtesy of Super Evil Genius Corp.

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