Ray Remington Tips His Hat to Traditional Country Music in Debut EP

When one thinks of Bakersfield, California, they instantly think of musical pioneers Buck Owens and Merle Haggard. Ray Remington called this place home for many years, and is now carving his own path in Nashville, where he brought his debut EP to life. This collection of songs features fan-favorite “Honky Tonk Blues (Come on Baby).”

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This upbeat love song that pays homage to honky tonk dancing and Hank Williams Sr. is one of five songs from Remington’s debut EP ‘Texas Rose.’ “I wanted to write a fun love song about my wife and I going out to an ole’ honky tonk, dancing to Hank William Sr.’s song “Honky Tonk Blues.”

The song was recorded in Music City, where Remington was able to work alongside the best session musicians that Nashville had to offer. “I hired some of the best session players I knew, including Marty Stuart’s guitar player, Kenny Vaughan,” says Remington. “They all tracked live in the studio except pedal steel guitar player Spencer Cullum, who tracked from home. Most of what you’ll hear came from a 3-hour session.”

While Remington’s style is something that would be considered new-age country, it certainly features a lot of sounds that country music fans are familiar with. “I want folks to feel they are listening to something fresh with Americana Country Music, yet familiar at the same time. If people can enjoy the tune, and can see it as a “tip of the hat” to traditional country songwriting, that would be the best take away for me.”

When finding inspiration and influences, Remington steers towards Bob Dylan, who is known as someone who thrived in a multitude of different genres, including country. He was also known for his artistic songwriting abilities, a tool that Remington also has, often without being accompanied by his guitar.

“I write my best when I’m away from my guitar. I intentionally “starve” myself (musically speaking) by staying away from my instrument. However, during that time, I’m listening to songwriters that inspire me, or looking at a painting. Sometimes a melody or lyric hits after observing visual art, or listening to different artists, especially Dylan,” says Remington.

This musical journey that Ray Remington has been on has been very rewarding, but he still has lots of goals in mind, including touring on a broader level. This is all done with an end goal in mind: creating a heritage for his two sons. “I want to find some farm land somewhere where my two boys can run and experience life to the fullest, while my wife and I enjoy some sweet tea and watch the kids grow. Hopefully one day they will look back and say “mom and dad really did the best they could for us.”

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“Honky Tonk Blues (Come on Baby)” from his debut EP ‘Texas Rose’ is available on streaming platforms everywhere today!


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