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In our recent Happy Birthday Paul McCartney series, we did a story on his song “Two Of Us,” which is not celebrated as much as many of his songs. Despite its greatness.

So we posed the question: Do you have a favorite McCartney song you feel has been uncelebrated compared to the rest? What follows are answers we received. A wide and wonderful selection. Thank you.

But first my personal nomination to start this, “Save Us,” produced by Paul Epworth from New, 2013. Is this not great?

Earl Grey
Favorite non-celebrated Macca song has to be “Beware My Love.”

Rich Ulloa
My favorite Paul song is “Two of Us” and my favorite “non-celebrated song would be “Goodbye,” recorded by Mary Hopkin.

Lisa Krakauer Schultz
Wow, that’s a difficult pick, but I may have to go with “Here, There and Everywhere” and “For No One.” Ask me tomorrow, and it might be something from Driving Rain or Flaming Pie, two fantastic albums full of great songs.

Neil Rosengarden
“C Moon.”

Jeffrey Ainis
My favorite unreleased work in progress. “There You Go, Eddie. Written during Beatle times. When I was in college, if someone was depressed, I played them Paul’s “C Moon” and Syreeta Wright’s version of “She’s Leaving Home,” which I much prefer to his. So much dimension. Stevie Wonder is the one playing and other person singing/vocordering. People never felt depressed after listening to these. (There are other songs of his I like, but wanted to spotlight these lesser knowns.)

Christopher Yanni
“Mother Nature’s Son,” “I’ve Just Seen A Face,” and “Things We Said Today” are my three personal favorites.

Marc Platt
“We Can Work It Out”

Willie Aron 
Beatles – “Blackbird”
Solo – “The Back Seat Of My Car”

John Kruth 
“Helter Skelter,” “Two of Us,” “Heart of the Country.”

Babette Annapurna Ory
My fave “Maybe I’m Amazed,” “Two of Us” and “Yesterday”

Ray Jackson
“Hey Jude.” I still remember the Grammy Awards and the electrifying performance. When the people walked on stage it was totally awesome. I still get into this song. Of course, I loved everything Beatles and Paul McCartney, but this one left a lasting impression on me. Happy Birthday to my favorite all-time Beatle. We’re so sorry, Uncle Albert, but Hey Jude rocked!!!

Mikaela Tomasino
It begins and ends for me with “Bip Bop.”

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