RockBoard Introduces New Flat XLR Cables For Pedalboards And More


The new RockBoard Flat XLR Cables are designed to optimize pedalboard real estate. Available in several lengths, the Flat XLR Cables combine super flat XLR plugs and a space-saving rectangular cable profile. The Flat XLR Cables can also be used on stage as microphone cable, XLR patch cable or in any setup where a standard XLR cables is required. The XLR plugs also work in tandem with RockBoard pedalboards, fitting through the slot grid on top. They can be used on compact mixers, patch bays or anything else to save space and to keep the setup tidy and neat looking.

RockBoard Flat XLR Cable 30 cm


• flat XLR cable with rectangular profile and super compact XLR plugs
• XLR plugs fit through the slot grid on top of the RockBoard pedalboards
• gold-plated XLR connectors
• flat rectangular cable prevents cable breakage and jams
• 2 flexible copper conductors 20 x 0.12 mm (36 AWG), twisted copper shielding 64 x 0.12 mm (36 AWG)

US Pricing:
30 cm (11 13/16″): $12.90
60 cm(235/8″): $13.90
90 cm (35 7/16″) $14.90
300 cm (118 7/64″): $18.90
600 cm (236 7/32″) $24.90
900cm (354 21/64″) $29.90

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