Rudi Saved After Dynamic Performance of Silk Sonic’s “Smokin’ Out the Window” on ‘The Voice’

Some high drama ensued at the end of night two of The Voice’s Knockout Rounds on Tuesday, as Rudi was saved by Gwen Stefani after Stefani chose one of her other team members as the winner of the round.

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Rudi, who faced off against fellow Team Gwen members Tanner Massey and Chechi Sarai, chose to sing Silk Sonic’s funky and soulful 2021 hit “Smokin’ Out the Window.”

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In a pre-performance segment, the 28-year-old contestant from San Antonio, Texas, explained how she had been cleaning cars for a living before coming on The Voice, then declared, “I don’t want to clean cars anymore, please!”

Stefani then commented on the song Rudi picked, calling it “so swaggy and unexpected,” while adding, “She’s kind of got a whole-package thing going on. I think that Rudi is a threat to everyone.”

Rudi hit the stage wearing a halter and jacket combo decorated with mirrors and metallic silver pants and delivered a performance packed with attitude and swagger, while her vocal was gritty, soulful, and dynamic.

After the performance, coach John Legend said, “Rudi, you can really, really sing and your stage demeanor is really authentic and cool. You’re dope.” However, he picked Massey, who sang an emotion-filled rendition of Shawn Mendes’ “In My Blood,” as his favorite.

Coach Reba McEntire then told Rudi, “Your performance was excellent. I loved the way you played the audience. That’s a great trait you have of making us feel comfortable, ‘cause you were having fun.”

Horan also chose Massey, who had been on Team Niall before he recently was stolen by Stefani, as his favorite of this round.

When it came time for Stefani to give her feedback before making her decision, she praised Rudi’s “crazy vocal ability,” and told her she was “one of the strongest on Team Gwen,” and that she adored working with her.

Before announcing her choice as the Knockout Round winner, Stefani said, “This is just bizarre. I kind of have a plan. I just want everybody to know that.” She then declared that Massey was the winner.

Rudi then told Stefani, “This has been an honor. I’ve had the best time of my whole entire life.” But the singer’s time on the show wasn’t over yet, as Stefani hit her “Save” button, and Legend and McEntire both smacked their “Steal” buttons.

Making her pitch to keep Rudi on her team, Stefani told her, “Just focus for a second, Rudi. Do not look at anywhere but straight towards your coach. I am your coach. I’m your favorite,” then reminded the contestant that she had a plan.

“I feel like if you go with anyone else, I will die!” Stefani added. “We’re gonna do this.”

McEntire reminded Rudi that she turned her chair for her during the blind auditions (all four coaches did, actually), and said that she appreciated the variety in her song selections for her performances.

“I do love your vocal, and I’d love to have you on my team,” McEntire added.

As Legend got ready to convince Rudi to come to his team, Stefani jokingly booed him.

“You’re such a great performer and I would be very happy to coach you,” Legend said. “All we do together is figure out how to put you in the best position to win, but also the best position to show who you are. And I would love for you to do it on Team Legend.”

Before Rudi made her decision, Stefani implored her, “Let’s just stick to the plan … Come on!”

It turned out that Rudi was on board with Stefani’s plan because she chose to stay with Team Gwen.

“I’m gonna have to go with my heart, ‘cause I do feel like we’re connected as well, and stick with Gwen,” she explained.

As Stefani approached Rudi to give her a hug, she said, “I’m sorry, I did not mean to scare you like that.”

During a final segment, Rudi told Stefani that she was mad at her putting her in jeopardy of being stolen, to which Stefani responded, “It’s OK, you can be mad at me. We’re a family here.”

Just before the end of the episode, Legend begrudgingly commented to Stefani that her plan to keep both Rudi and Massey on her team had worked, while noting that he definitely would have tried to steal Massey if she hadn’t chosen him as the winner of the round.

The Voice Season 24 Knockout Rounds continue this Monday, November 13. The Voice airs Monday and Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT on NBC.

Photo by Tyler Golden/NBC

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