Kesha to Permanently Change Lyric About Diddy in “Tik Tok”

If you were a teenager (or, really, an adult) in 2010, you probably know the lyrics to Kesha’s dance-pop anthem “Tik Tok” by heart. It was everywhere when it was first released: every radio station, YouTube, shopping malls, any place with ambient pop music playing over the intercom, etc. It’s still a bop today, but it looks like the singer herself is changing up some of the lyrics. And for good reason.

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Kesha first changed the lyrics to “Tik Tok” during her powerhouse performance at Coachella with fellow artist Reneé Rapp this past April.

The original lyric that has now been changed was the song’s opener: “Wake up in the mornin’ feeling like P. Diddy”.

The lyric has now been changed to: “Wake up in the mornin’ like ‘f*ck P. Diddy!’”

Why Did Kesha Change the Lyrics to “Tik Tok”?

Rapper Diddy has been accused of sexual assault, sex trafficking, and abuse in a number of recent lawsuits. His home was also raided by the Department of Homeland Security last month.

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Obviously, very few are on Diddy’s side in light of recent events and rumors about his shady background that have been floating around the internet for years.

Kesha was asked by TMZ at the LA International Airport recently whether or not the lyric change would be permanent.

“Yes, it will be,” said Kesha. “The fans should learn it for my upcoming [shows]. I want to hear it louder than ever. I stand by that. I’m not the kind of person that shuts the f*ck up. I know what I stand for, I know my integrity is rock-solid, so I speak the truth. The industry can kinda, like, suck my d*ck.”

Well said. We love to see a woman stand her ground and stay true to herself.

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