Slash Eager To “Erase Some of the Divide” During His Solo S.E.R.P.E.N.T. Tour

Slash has recorded many albums throughout his career. However, he wants his upcoming album Orgy of the D–ned to be different. As part of his promotional S.E.R.P.E.N.T. festival tour, Slash is giving proceeds to charity.

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“We’re going to give some of the proceeds to different organizations that are supporting, you know, inclusion,” Slash told Loudwire. “Solidarity is a great word for it, just trying to erase some of the divide that’s happening with people.”

Slash said he doesn’t want to donate to just any charities. The musician said he intentionally tried to go off the beaten path when looking for charities. Slash targeted charities that are trying to branch into different areas and also promoted a message of inclusion.

The acronym for Slash’s tour drives home the musician’s point. It stands for “Solidarity, Engagement, Restore, Equality N’ Tolerance.” Slash believes that things have gotten too divisive lately, and well, maybe the power of music can bring everything together.

“I really wanted to have this tour have a little bit of a message and make it all inclusive, that kind of thing,” Slash said. “I just thought that this was a good vehicle to go out and try and do something,” Slash said, “but yeah, it actually is like part and parcel of the same thing, you know?”

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Slash Opens Up About Album

Previously, Slash opened up about the album. He revealed that he’s partnered with Demi Lovato on one song for the album. He described the track as interesting. Slash also appeared on Lovato’s song “Sorry Not Sorry.”

“[Demi and I] definitely recorded something. Her album is way different than mine. It’s a completely different type of a song, so it’s interesting how diverse her voice can be,” he told the outlet.

Slash also said that he bonded with the singer on a personal level. Both shared similarities in their backgrounds.

“She and I know each other because we’re both… we’ve been through that,” Slash said. “We were introduced a long time ago and we had that relate to — we were both struggling addicts and all that. … I’d been sober for a little while and she was still struggling a little bit, having just gone through a relapse. And then I talked to her just post-that, and she was sort of trying to get it back together and whatnot. That’s how we initially started sort of talking, and she’s just really cool and she’s a really intelligent and talented girl. And so, we’ve just been friends ever since then.”

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