Nancy Wilson Turned Down an Opportunity for an Original-Lineup Heart Reunion

Nancy Wilson isn’t keen on launching a reunion with the original Heart lineup, outside of her sister and bandmate Ann Wilson. And according to the Heart powerhouse guitarist and singer, she has refused offers in the past to get the whole gang back together.

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Nancy Wilson’s manager Dave Frey recently sat in for an interview with Nancy and The Washington Post to talk about the legacy of Heart. During the interview, Frey revealed that the band received a “big” offer to perform at Washington’s famed Gorge Amphitheatre in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Heart’s first album Dreamboat Annie. The stipulation was that the entire original lineup of the 1975 version of the band would have to be there.

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The original lineup of Heart featured both Wilson sisters, guitarist Roger Fisher, drummer Micahel Derosier, bassist Steve Fossen, and keyboard player Howard Leese. This lineup released four separate albums together, including their debut, Little Queen and Magazine in 1977, and Dog & Butterfly in 1978.

According to Frey, Nancy was absolutely uninterested in the prospect. However, Ann was fine with the idea and suggested that they could film a documentary about the potential Heart reunion. 

Heart’s Original Lineup Carried “Unwanted Baggage”

“I don’t think you could pay me enough,” Nancy said during the Post interview. “It’s, what’s the word? It’s icky.”

Nancy went on to note that a Heart reunion could “carry a lot of unwanted baggage.”

“The thing that the fans don’t ever consider is the unpleasantness of how the relationships within the band function,” Nancy noted. “If the band split up, there was a reason for that.”

Heart was quite successful around the time they started, but the band itself began falling apart relationship-wise. Nancy was dating Fisher, and Nancy was dating his brother Michael, who also happened to be the band’s manager at the time. Infidelity occurred, the relationships ended, and the Fisher brothers left the band. Flings within the band continued after they left, and Heart’s OG lineup was over with by 1982.

It seems like Nancy’s recent comments have put a nail in the coffin when it comes to a potential full reunion. And maybe that’s a good thing.

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