Song Premiere: The Bros. Landreth, “Let It Lie”


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The Artist: The Bros. Landreth, a Canadian “Americana” duo fronted by brothers Joey and David

The Song: The title track from their debut album Let It Lie, slated for release in early 2015

Songwriters Say:

Joey: I started this song as I was realizing that I was in a relationship that was off balance. I couldn’t get passed the first verse because I guess I didn’t know the whole story yet. I sat down with my friend Alexa (who also co-wrote Nothing and Going to the Country) and sang her what I had:

You get the summons, I’ll pay the fine
I know my place, you can take your time,
You take the high road, I’ll take the blame,
Or take me in your arms it’s all the same …

She almost immediately started humming the melody to the chorus and away we went. We finished three songs in about as many hours. Having Let It Lie in our set list every gig for the last year and a half has been incredibly cathartic. It’s hard to sweep a tough situation under the rug when you’re singing about it almost every night. It’s kind of funny how things work like that …

 Joey brought this song to the table after an incredible, fruitful co-writing session with our dear friend, Alexa Dirks (Chic Gamine). The day before we were three songs shy of finishing the record and that morning he rolled in with the three songs that wound up completing the album. Two of which (“Let it Lie” and “Nothing”) went on to be my personal favourites… We tried to channel some ‘70s R&B on the slightly quirky arrangement. The melody is the king here and we built the tune around it’s eccentric twists and turns. The album is really an homage to broken hearts so this tune seemed like it would double as an apt title. Perhaps suggesting that in the making it was a form of catharsis and closure. Either that or maybe reminding us to give up on all the sappy shit and write about something else for once…

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