Song Premiere: Orenda Fink, “Holy Holy”

Blue Dream Orenda Fink
The Artist: Singer-songwriter and Azure Ray member Orenda Fink
The Song: “Holy Holy” from Blue Dream, out August 19 on Saddle Creek.
Fun Fact: Blue Dream is based on a year long meditation on death following the passing of Fink’s dog.
Songwriter Says: “I wrote ‘Holy Holy’ when I was mournfully struggling over themes of mortality. How can we love so deeply when we know that all relationships will end in death? And what happens to that love then? Does it become an orphan- a lonely ghost that leads you into the abyss or can it be redeemed in a place where there is no mortality? A place like your dreams? These were the questions on my mind, driving me to search my heart for an ounce of transcendence. I literally wept while I was writing it. I feel like the production of the song is an extension of those emotions. Ben Brodin’s swimmy guitars and the angelic voices of Christine Fink and Pearl Boyd perfectly expressed my feelings musically.”

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