Song Premiere: Pujol, “Dark Haired Suitor”

pujol 2014
The Artist: Innovative Nashville guitarist and songwriter PUJOL
The Song:”Dark Haired Suitor,” off his sophomore album KLUDGE, out 5/19 on Saddle Creek
Fun Fact: Daniel Pujol once guest edited our Pinterest account. Read about his gear proclivities here.
Songwriter Says: “I demoed this song a while back on a 7”, back when I only had access to GarageBand. I wanted to give the song a real recording because I like it, and it fit the narrative of Kludge. So I gave the song a real recording of itself.

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“‘Dark Haired Suitor’s’ character is faithfully walking into a romantic spinning fan blade that he’ll either slip through and survive or be destroyed by-but he’s going all the way. He assumes the pursuit will make him whole. That this relationship will give his effort meaning in retrospect. But what if the object of his affection is just an object of his projection? Will he and his love age and fade into a heaven in bloom or will he alone meet sudden and certain death? I don’t know. That’s between you and Brett’s guitar solo.”


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