Songs You Need To Hear: Neil Young — “You Never Call”

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Surprise, surprise: Neil Young has been using his current solo tour to unveil new songs. The maverick singer-songwriter has never been one to hold on to his new tunes; on his 2008 tour, Young challenged his audience with several new tracks from his then-unreleased Fork In The Road album.

This time out, Young has been playing tunes that may or may not be featured on his upcoming album with producer Daniel Lanois, the sonic architect behind U2’s The Joshua Tree and Bob Dylan’s Time Out Of Mind.

One of the clear highlights? The moody-yet-funny “You Never Call,” which starts out talking about the weather, and ends up being a comment on death: “the ultimate vacation, with no back pain.”

“I know you’re going to the hockey game/The Red Wings are coming to town/I saw your car in the parking lot/In-N-Out Burger fries all around.”

Check it out below. What do you make of it?


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  1. Guess we’re all going to die with our boots on, eh? It was uncomfortable enough for the audience that at first they had to laugh. Neil’s as ferocious as ever, God bless him.

    – Ed

  2. Saw Neil last night in Austin. What a great show!!!!! Afterward, I overheard something that made me think there’s hope for the future; a young man… teenager, I’m pretty sure… had his phone on one ear and his finger in the other telling someone that he just got out of the “BEST CONCERT I’VE BEEN TO IN MY LIFE!!!”

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