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The Artist: Acclaimed singer, violinist, composer and arranger Jenny Scheinman.
The Album: The Littlest Prisoner,  her eighth studio album, out May 6 on Sony Masterworks. It was recorded over the course of three days with producer Tucker Martine (The Decemberists, My Morning Jacket, Sufjan Stevens), and splits the difference between rootsy Americana and Scheinman’s typically innovative, ethereal approach.
Liner Notes: “The characters in these songs are cranky, dark, comic and obsessed,” Scheinman tells American Songwriter. “There are many love songs but the perspectives are unusual: ‘The Littlest Prisoner’ is from a pregnant inmate to her unborn child, “Sacrifice” likens the journey of marriage to the underground railway, ‘My Old Man’ is a modern refiguring of an old-time murder ballad, ‘Brother’ is about brotherly versus romantic love, ‘Run Run Run’ is a shit-or-get-off-the-pot song, ‘Houston’ is about musical/musician infatuation, ‘Just A Child’ is an anthem for those born of back-to-the-lander hippies… The three instrumentals in between are little country dances. Every song features two of my favorite musicians in the whole world — Bill Frisell (guitar) and Brian Blade (drums, vibraphone) — plus guest appearances by Tony Garnier (bass) and Bruce Cockburn (guitar). Tucker Martine produced it. You can’t get better than that!”


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