Swimming With Bears Share the Video from “Do It”

Austin’s emerging indie rock band, Swimming With Bears, shares a music video from their 2019 single, “Do It.” The song is part of their self-titled EP released last year. The five-track collection chronicles a new chapter for the band. Their work with producer Ryan Hadlock (Lumineers, Vance Joy), immersed the quartet in a more thorough recording process than they ever attempted before. Vulnerable lyrics explore truth and escapism, creating a new genre they refer affectionately to as “Pop N’ Roll.”

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The video, released today, offers a glimpse into band life during the quarantine—an attempt to keep music alive, while socially distant. The band recalls hearing rumblings of a virus while kicking off their 2020 tour. 

“As most artists can testify, when you are on tour, the news and even the specific day is all a blur,” the group explained. “You live from a hotel to someone’s couch or whatever is right in front of you. Once home and while getting ready for the next tour in May, our booking agency informed us touring would be canceled across the board. As we all listened to incoming news, it dawned on us how our lives would be affected. There would be no touring or interacting with the fans we love. Instead, we would be connected only through the digital world.”

“Do It” delivers a digital connection to fans with a behind-the-scenes visual for the indie-pop-rock anthem. Serving as a temporary bridge between the band and their fans, the video utilizes technology to create a sense of “togetherness.” The song selection suggests intent. The climbing chorus and buoyant backbeat encapsulate a brought spot during a dark time. 

“The quarantine has in itself been both a curse and a blessing,” they weighed. “On one hand, it has effortlessly put our plans of world domination with our music on hold and any usual socializing with others as well. The blessing, however, is it has given us much needed time to start working on new music and projects.”

The band acknowledged how the unique circumstances are mentally taxing for everyone. They encouraged grace through emotional ups and downs and offered a few survival tactics: 

“Somedays, you wake up with the purpose to kick butt. Then somedays you wake up and just stare at the ceiling fan all day. Mushrooms have become the new fad around the band house; taking group “vacations” and playing in the backyard seem to be some of the fondest memories we have built as a group. This year will definitely go down as a special year, but we’re still creating epic music. As bears do, we are hibernating and waiting for “Music Spring” to wake us up once again.”

Watch the music video for “Do It” below and look out for more to come from Swimming With Bears. 

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