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2009 Chris Austin Contest presented by Merlefest

The Chris Austin Songwriting Contest is in its eighteenth year and hosted by MerleFest. The contest was created to honor the memory of the late Chris Austin. Net proceeds of the contest help fund the Chris Austin Memorial Scholarship.

1st Place Winners receive a performance on the Cabin Stage at MerleFest, a guitar, a check for $300 and two boxes of guitar strings. 2nd and 3rd Place Winners receive a slot on the Friday night Songwriters Coffeehouse at MerleFest and one box of guitar strings. 2nd Place winners also receive a check for $250 and 3rd Place Winners also receive a check of $50. 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place winners all receive a mentoring session with Jim Lauderdale and guests, a one-year subscription to American Songwriter Magazine and a one-year subscription to Acoustic Guitar Magazine.

The deadline is February 18, 2010 and the cost per entry is $30.00.

Visit to enter.


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  1. Pullin Petals

    He loves me, he loves me not pullin petals will it ever stop,He loves me, he loves me not my dreams of you is all I got.

    I want your touch, I want your fire,Your my only desire ,dont let your lips go to waste, just give me a little taste,They say the eyes are a portal to the soul, when you look in mine, do you see , how I love you so,its my heart you hold.

    If I didnt love you I wouldnt care, thats why Im sittin in the electric chair,because he loves me…but he loves me not,he loves me,but he loves me not.he loves me but he loves me not,pullin petals will it ever stop….

    [Im 19 and from philadelphia Ihope you give me a chance I dont care about bein famous I just wanna write and sing so bad I can feel it in my veins and soaring through my heart]

    Thank you for your time

    sincerly, Foxy Roxy

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