The Heavy Hours Unveil New Single Co-Written With Dan Auerbach

“Our goals have always been the same: write tunes we love, with people we love, for the people we love,” The Heavy Hours told American Songwriter via email.

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This sentiment is palpable in The Heavy Hours’ music, which centers around a purely American blend of folk, rock and good feelings. On July 29th, the Cincinnati-based band released their first single “Don’t Walk Away,” a folksy anthem co-written by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys. 

“We co-wrote this song with Dan Auerbach at his studio down in Nashville,” the band said. “Dan is the man. We huddled around his kitchen table and started pitching ideas, humming melodies, it was one of those songs that sort of wrote itself. We wrote it so that it could be someone’s favorite song. Give this song your love stories and your heartache and let it lift you into resolve. You’ll get out of it what you put into it.”

Auerbach’s presence on the song is evident by its unbelievably catchy lines and effortlessly organic arrangement. Sounding like some type of blend between Beatles-esque melodic sensibilities, Dylan-esque arrangements and a Kevin Morby mood, the song is a perfect pairing with a late-summer sunset or an evening with friends… which makes sense considering The Heavy Hours’ aforementioned goals. 

“We try not to over complicate things, it always comes back to the songs and the relationships,” the band said. “We’ve been so dang lucky to find ourselves into rooms with some of our songwriting heroes, but at the end of the day, nothing beats runnin’ down the dream with your best friends.”

Listen to “Don’t Walk Away” by The Heavy Hours below. It was produced by Simone Felice as well as produced and mixed by David Baron

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