The Weeknd Releases “Out of Time” Video with ‘Squid Game’ Star and Jim Carrey

You may recognize some familiar faces on The Weeknd’s new video for Dawn FM single “Out of Time.” The video features unexpected guests like Squid Game star HoYeon Jung (who portrays the character Kang Sae-byeok) and renowned comedian/actor Jim Carrey.  

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Following the singles “Take My Breath,” “Sacrifice,” and “Gasoline,” this new video follows The Weeknd and HoYeon Jung as they go out on the town for a night of karaoke. Directed by Cliqua, the playful video shows a montage of the duo singing their hearts out in a karaoke bar, the elevator, a penthouse suite—wherever the night leads them.  

The night takes a turn, however, towards the end of the video. As the track slows down, the scene around The Weeknd and Jung distorts into a medical nightmare. Blood begins to burst from the penthouse tables, and The Weeknd disappears into the green glow of hospital lights.  

Then, Carrey’s static-like monologue from The Weeknd’s fifth studio album Dawn FM begins. The Weeknd walks down what appears to be a long hallway to a blurred scene. As he watches, a menacing hand reaches for his shoulder. The Weeknd and the stranger fade into a bright light, and Carrey’s monologue continues. 

“Don’t you dare touch that dial, because like the song says, you are out of time,” he says. “You’re almost there, don’t panic. There’s still more music to come before you’re completely engulfed in the blissful embrace of that little light you see in the distance.” 

Carrey makes an appearance towards the end of the video, dressed in scrubs and towering menacingly over The Weeknd.  

“Soon you will be healed and refreshed, free from all trauma, pain, guilt, and shame,” the monologue continues. “You may even forget your name. But before you dwell in that house forever, here’s 30 minutes of easy listening… on 103.5 Dawn FM.” 

Watch the video for “Out of Time” below. 

Photo Credit: Republic Records

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