The Weeknd’s New Record Has Duel Functionality as a Vinyl Blade: “Do Not Operate While Heartbroken”

The Weeknd‘s new vinyl record is cutting edge… literally.

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The singer teamed up with the art collective MSCHF to create a record that also functions like a saw blade. (The art group’s credits include previously creating Lil Nas X’s now-discontinued Satan Shoes.) The jagged-edged record is decorated in a striking red color and is described as a “real 12 inch saw blade.” The “Vinyl Blade” is a dangerous, pressed record of The Weeknd’s track “Out of Time.”

“Collaborated with MSCHF on something crazy that’s never been done,” The Weeknd stated. “It’s a real saw blade… It’s a playable record… It’s out of time! We’re auctioning 25 of them from right now until Friday, April 8th at 1 pm est. Only on,” he added, “do not operate while heartbroken.”

Check out the Vinyl Blade website HERE.

MSCHF confirmed: “Vinyl Blade includes a turntable adaptor. Please note that the Vinyl Blade has sharp edges, is a non-standard diameter, and is significantly heavier than a standard vinyl record. All of these factors may affect playback on some turntables. Handle with care and only play at 33 RPM. Vinyl Blade’s grooves are copper-clad steel, which may wear your stylus down faster than a normal record.”

“Out of Time” is a track off of The Weeknd’s latest album, Dawn FM, which was released in January 2022. The singer has also recently released a music video for the song, which features appearances from comedian/actor Jim Carrey and actress HoYeon Jung from the hit TV series Squid Game.

The Weeknd is also set to headline Coachella Music Festival alongside Swedish House Mafia. This last-minute update comes after Ye (formerly Kanye West) pulled out of the festival for unconfirmed reasons.

Watch the music video for “Out of Time” below.

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