Titus Andronicus Unveils Documentary About Making A Productive Cough

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Brooklyn-based punk outfit Titus Andronicus has released A Productive Cough: A Documentary, a film about the making of their new album. 

The band has already offered up two singles, “Number One (In New York)” and “Above the Bodega (Local Business).” But these long, narrative tracks are not the punk rock salvos Titus Andronicus fans expected. Instead, it seems the rock group is reinventing itself: Hereafter, Titus Andronicus will be stylized as +@.

Singer-songwriter Patrick Stickles said, “The last record was very much a culmination of all that had come before — closing, or really slamming, a lot of doors and to move forward, I had to look for a new door to walk through, only to find a window which had been cracked open all along. [A Productive Cough] is the gentle breeze which had been wafting through, which I can breathe in fully at last.”

A Productive Cough: A Documentary, directed by Ray Concepcion, aspires to answer the pressing questions of fans as the film follows +@ into the studio, capturing the musicians as they work to create their new musical vision.

Watch the documentary below.

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