Toadies Cover Kelly Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone” for Texas Parks and Wildlife  

Toadies have taken a swerve into pop with a cover of Kelly Clarkson‘s 2004 hit “Since U Been Gone” for the upcoming Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation compilation Texas Wild. Produced by singer and songwriter Walker Luken, Texas Wild features a collection of songs by Texas-born artists covered by artists with roots in the Lone Star state.

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Blending hip-hop, country, electronica, cumbia, blues, and more, Texas Wild is also a tribute to the state with proceeds benefitting Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation in partnership with Rambler Sparkling Water and Tecovas. Since 1991, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation has raised and invested more than $235 million to help in conservation efforts in wildlife, habitat, and natural resources within the state.

Along with the Toadies’ harder rendition of Clarkson’s hit, the 10-track compilation also features Sarah Jaffe covering Willie Nelson‘s somber Honeysuckle Rose ballad “Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground,” along with Townes Van Zandt‘s 1983 classic “Pancho & Lefty” covered by Shane Smith and the Saints and Hayes Carll.

Adrian Quesada also takes on Destiny’s Child‘s 1999 hit “Say My Name,” while singer and songwriter Ryan Bingham and the Texas Gentleman cover the Toadies’ 1994 Rubberneck hit “Possum Kingdom.”

Texas illustrator Mishka Westell also adorns the cover as well as the first three single releases with her block print images of native Texas wildlife, including the mockingbird, a screech owl, and more native to the state.

In 2022, The Toadies released their Damn You All to Hell EP, featuring four previously unreleased tracks along with a cover of David Bowie’s Low track “Sound and Vision.” That year, the band toured to commemorate a belated 25th anniversary of their 1994 debut Rubberneck.

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Earlier in 2023, the Toadies also celebrated 4/20 with the release of an edible I Come From The Watermelon—a play on their 1994 Rubberneck track, “I Come From the Water.” The watermelon and prickly pear-flavored THC gummies were released in collaboration with Texas High Country.

The band re-released their very first single “Dig A Hole/I Hope You Die.” Originally released in 1990 on cassette tape, the track was remixed and remastered by Chris “Frenchie” Smith and is available on vinyl for the first time, along with extensive liner notes.

Toadies released their seventh album The Lower Side of Uptown in 2017 and have just wrapped up recording an eight with producer Steve Albini, set for release in 2024.

“There are records in each of our collections that were recorded by Steve Albini, which mean the world to us,” said guitarist Clark Vogeler in a previous statement. “The sound he brought to records like The Pixies’ ‘Surfer Rosa,’ and PJ Harvey’s ‘Rid of Me,’ capture the feeling of being in a room with a band while they play—quite loudly, it would appear.”

Vogeler added, “His recordings of bands are honest; there’s not much in the way of Pro Tools fixing (he records to tape) or studio trickery (no autotune in sight). It’s mostly just a band in a room with microphones, playing the songs, and that appeals to us at this point. We’ve always felt like we could deliver live, so why not record the band live?” 

‘Texas Wild’ Tracklist:

1. “(Hey Baby) Que Paso” by Fat Tony ft. Paul Wall
2. “Possum Kingdom” by Ryan Bingham
3. “Say My Name” by Adrian Quesada ft. Us & Soul Supporters
4. “True Love Will Find You In The End” by Shakey Graves ft. Jess Williamson
5. “Texas Sun” by Sir Woman ft. Ray Wylie Hubbard
6. “That’s Right (You’re Not From Texas)” by Texas Gentlemen
7. “My Maria” by The Suffers
8. “Si Una Vez” by LUNA LUNA
9. “Since U Been Gone” by Toadies
10. “Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground” by Sarah Jaffe
11. “Poncho and Lefty” by Shane Smith and the Saints ft. Hayes Carll

Photo: Matt Cooper / Courtesy of Erika Tooker PR

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