Album Premiere: Tom Freund, 2 Moons

2 moons

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The Artist: Cali singer-songwriter Tom Freund
The Album: 2 Moons out June 17
Fun Fact: Freund, the former bassist for alt-country group The Silos, recorded the Pleasure and Pain album with Ben Harper in 1992.
Songwriter Says: “A couple of the songs on 2 Moons came out of the ‘end of an era’ feeling (and reality) I was having in my life. Specifically my mom passed on, she was a guiding light, and we were selling a summer home that contained so many memories and rites (and wrongs) of passage that it brought up ‘everything.’ ‘Mind Of Your Own’ had specifically to do with hurricane Sandy coming thru and demolishing the island, similar to relationship winds and ‘Me and Bernice’ was an older song written 13 years ago that was ‘stirred’ up or resurrected as a result of our sanctuary no longer being there. Fire Island was a very special writing place for me, I wrote ‘Copper Moon’ and ‘Collapsible Plans’ there (both album namesakes for me) so I hope to find a new inspiration spot with ‘loaded’ walls or at least get the heck out there and stay in another house every Labor Day weekend!”

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