VIDEO: Poet-Songwriter-Artist Stephen Kalinich on the Impact of Bob Dylan

Part 4 of our week-long

Bob Dylan is 80 celebration

Stevie Kalinich at Home with his Art. Photo by Paul Zollo/American Songwriter.

American Songwriter is honored and grateful that our friend, the poet-songwriter-artist Stevie Kalinich responded to our request for his personal reflections on the occasion of Bob Dylan’s 80th birthday, which was yesterday May 24, 2021, with this video.

Kalinich, like Dylan, is an artist of multitudes whose luminously heartfelt expressions take all forms: poems, songs, paintings, live performances and more, all unified by his singular soul of compassion, whimsy and joy .

“I love Bob Dylan,” Stevie says. “His music and his words. I love the way he takes from everything and gives it his own touch. He takes the universal rhythms , the spirit of ancient scriptures and modern poets and combines them into an authentic sound of America….

“He encouraged the poetic spirit to transcend the limitations of academia …He brought the language to people who never would have had it…

“I say yes to Bob Dylan.”

Hear all of Stevie’s reflections on the man, the songs and the legacy here:

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