Video Premiere: Louise Goffin, “Follow My Heart”

The Artist:
Louise Goffin
The Song: “Follow My Heart” from Songs From The Mine, out July 15.
Fun Fact: The singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist is also the producer of her mother Carole King’s Grammy-nominated album, A Holiday Carole.  
Songwriter Says: “The video of ‘Follow My Heart’ was made from a combination of black & white stills and videos I’d taken behind the scenes during recording mostly at Village Recording Studios, and footage photographer Ruel Lee shot on a day he and I drove around LA with my guitar and his camera. Also I had put my own camera on the dashboard and filmed when I was driving out in the desert. The band in the video is Butch Norton on drums, Bob Glaub on bass, Billy Harvey on slide guitar, and Patrick Warren on accordion. Recording engineer Brian Scheuble. Additional photography from Holly Bronko, and Mike Lehr is the stick twirler.

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“This song was written with Liz Rose on a writing trip I took to Nashville. My friend took me to her house and thought we could write together, and when my friend left us all we did was sit in a room surrounded by books and vinyl talking about life and our kids for a couple of hours. Then one of us said, “should we try to write a song?” She pulled out this lyric and I started singing the melody and playing the chords on guitar and the whole song was written in less than twenty minutes. She then gave me the keys to her place and said “you should stay here where you have a kitchen and internet. I’m going to Texas”. I said “you’re letting me stay here? you only just met me!” She said she knew where to find me. That’s southern hospitality right there. I couldn’t be more blessed by friends.”

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