Video Premiere: Maia Sharp, “Me After You”

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We’re excited to debut the video for “Me After You,” the enticing first single off singer-songwriter Maia Sharp’s Change The Ending. The album’s title track is a meditation on the movies, and the “Me After You” video features bygone actresses from the silent film era.

Sharp, who will open for her friend Bonnie Raitt on tour in October, e-mailed us a quote about the song’s origins:

At a glance I had (mis)read someone’s Facebook name as “Lois After Mark” and was instantly moved by the idea that she is distinguishing between who she was before Mark and who she is now after knowing him.  What a cool way to say that someone made an indelible mark (I didn’t plan on the pun, sorry). So much so that you’re now a different version of yourself for better or for worse.

I brought that to my co-writer, Adrianne Gonzalez, also known as AG and the director of the video, and we played around with various names and pronouns until, in its simplest form it was “Me After You.”

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