Video Premiere: Ryan Darton, “Sing To Me Baby”

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Former Kid Theodore member Ryan Darton is gearing up for the release of his debut solo album, I Am A Moth.

Check out the video for “Sing To Me Baby,” which features Darton stuck in a View-Master (Remember those?) and playing guitar for a young girl.

“This is definitely the brightest song on the album and we wanted the video to reflect that,” Darton says. “I love the take-back to my childhood of looking through our red View-Master and wondering about all of the places in the pictures.”

The video was directed by Darton’s friend Brian Jaggers.

“When I heard Sing To Me Baby for the first time, I was instantly flooded with thoughts of a warm, carefree, summer afternoon, and living in California we get a lot of those,” Jaggers says. “We really worked to put across that effortlessly beautiful scenic vibe with the video, and make it feel like a place you wanted to go and spend a day. Most people growing up have either had or used one of the classic red View-Masters, and the idea that one would come alive and speak directly to someone caught our attention as something relatable and fun.”


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