Video Premiere: Steff and the Articles, “Call You Mine”


Tiff and the Articles
The Artist: Tucson, Arizona-based quartet Steff and the Articles
The Song: “Call You Mine”
Fun Fact: If you tag @Amersongwriter and @steffkoeppen in a tweet using #CallYouMine, the band will reply, and DM you a link to download the song.
Songwriter Says: “‘Call You Mine’ is sort of a pessimistic view of falling in love for the first time. I didn’t actually write the lyrics about a particular person; I suppose it’s a song for a future-someone that predicts how I thought I might feel and foreshadows a short-lived experience at that (sorry to be such a downer here). Musically, it features a variety of rhythms, as well as lush string arrangements which I’m super proud of.”

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