Watch: Emily Ann Roberts Sets a House Ablaze In “He Set Her Off” Video

Earlier this year, Emily Ann Roberts shared a barn-burner single titled “He Set Her Off.” The song lives in the same spirit as Miranda Lambert’s “Gunpowder & Lead” or The Chicks’ “Goodbye Earl,” with Roberts’ main character getting revenge on her man who was found in bed with that blonde. Now, The Voice alum is taking things to the next level with an ambitious music video for the track.

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Roberts plays the woman scorned in the visual, getting her hair done, venting, and ultimately setting her ex’s house on fire. She watches the flames engulf the building with a marked nonchalance as she mouths along to the chorus: Now the house is up in flames, his clothes are on the lawn / Thought she was fragile like a flower, but she’s fragile like a bomb.

Roberts, an honorary member of the Seymour Volunteer Fire Department, got the go-ahead to film in front of a real fire. “We were able to set that house on fire and film the scene,” Roberts tells American Songwriter. “Literally the scene of the crime where the husband pulls up, he sees all of his stuff in the yard and his wife has just absolutely lost it. It’s just chaos.”

Check out the video below.

Roberts wrote “He Set Her Off” years ago and explained the decision to hold the song until now. “We knew it was special on the day we wrote it,” she says. “We all loved it, but I write so many songs that for some reason this one fell on the back burner. Maybe it’s because it needed this timing. I truly believe everything happens for a reason. It seems to be really connecting with people today.

“This song really stretches me as a performer and a songwriter,” she continues. “It’s a true story song and it’s sassy. When I sing it live, I have to get into that character, which is really fun for me. This song has done a lot for me in my career so far. They say in Nashville that ‘everybody is looking for their three minutes.’ With the engagement and feedback from the listeners on this song, this could very well be my three minutes.”

Roberts entered the spotlight on season nine of The Voice. She earned a spot on Blake Shelton’s team, getting pro advice from the country icon. Since her time on the show, Roberts has steadily risen in the country ranks playing the Grand Ole Opry, earning millions of streams, and an ever-growing fanbase.

Credit: John Shearer / Courtesy 117 Entertainment

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