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Down boy!

The cover for Weezer’s new album, Ratitude, has been revealed, and it’s appropriately rad.

It’s not a digitally manipulated shot – the image comes from a fan submitted-photo from a recent National Geographic magazine Apparently, the dog hails from Connecticut, is named Sidney and is said to be a big Weezer fan.

Ratitude won’t be out until October 27, when it’ll be released by DGC, and the track list is currently an unsolved mystery. No doubt Rivers Cuomo is calculating the optimum track order through a series of complicated formulas he devised in his Harvard dorm room.

One fan, under the handle Fan O’ The Year, posted this bit of speculation on Weezer’s message board:

what we know:

-what we last heard, tracklist narrowed down from 18 songs to 15. I think there will be 12 on the final cd.

(in no particular order)
1. (If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To
2. In The Mall (cool/fun rock song, penned by Pat)
3. I’m Your Daddy (has a bit of an electro influence and a chunky Weezer guitar riff)
4. Can’t Stop Partyin’ (J. Dupree penned lyrics/Rivers Cuomo penned music)
5. Trippin’ Down The Freeway
6. The Girl Got Hot (funny song” written with Butch Walker about their recent visits to their 20th high school reunions)
7. Let It All Hang Out (super fun party jam” written by Jermain Dupri, who also wrote Can’t Stop Partying)
8. Put Me Back Together (co-written with Tyson and Nick from The All American Rejects, “sounds like a mix of Weezer and The Rejects…little bit on the ballady side…but good guitar heaviness”)
9. (possible inclusion of what Karl says is his favorite post pinkerton track)
10. ?
11. ?
12. ?

The poster goes on to say that she’s “getting pretty stoked for this record. I’m always interested to see what new curves Weezer will throw at us. Just hoping they are good curves.”


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