Luke Bryan Explains What Went Into Writing “Where Are We Going?”

Life has been good for Luke Bryan in his decade on top of the country music heap. Smash hits, huge tours, and big category trophies from virtually every organization that hands them out; all are almost commonplace at this point. Hell, he even has both a Farm Tour and Crash My Playa Mexico trip with fans and fellow artists that sells out year in and year out.

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Makes you wonder, is there anything left he hasn’t done?

Believe it or not, the man still has things left on his To Do list and his new album Born Here, Live Here, Die Here gave him the chance to check off another box. It might not be glaringly noticeable, but it was a big deal to Luke and it came in the form of the song “Where Are We Going.”

“Where Are We Going” is something I’m so proud I got to write with Brent Cobb,” says Bryan. “Brent and I have, oddly enough, never gotten in a room to write.”

It’s odd because Luke and Brent have not only been buds for years, Luke has recorded some of Cobb’s material in the past. Remember the song “Tailgate Blues” from Bryan’s 2011 album Tailgates & Tanlines album?  Cobb held the pen on that.  Cobb has also written songs for Kenny Chesney, Miranda Lambert, Little Big Town and a number of other artists. With Luke having access to virtually any collaborator he wants; you’d think the two of them would have found a day over the last ten plus years to grab their guitars and get together.

Alas, sometimes life’s scheduling just doesn’t work out.

Then again, it’s no secret Bryan has figured out his own formula for kicking out hits and hasn’t seen much reason to stray from it. Who can blame him? After all, it keeps the wheels on the bus going round and round and tens of thousands of fannies in the seats. The other upside is it also affords him the opportunity to stretch out and experiment every now and again.

With “Where Are We Going,” Bryan does just that taking a step outside his comfort zone. Not going so far that he completely abandons who he is, Luke ventures just far enough from his center line to make you tilt your head in wonder. Meandering with direction and minus a repetitive chorus, a lot like the character in the song, the listener has no idea where they are being led but is eager to go along for the ride.

“We were able to really blend both our styles and I got a lot of high hopes for this song. The production is really unique for me and I just love what it says.”

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