Who Wants To Finish This John Lennon Song? New Beatles Lyrics Unearthed

Photo by UPI. Public Domain.
Photo by UPI. Public Domain.

Newly discovered lyrics written by John Lennon while a member of the Beatles may now be made into a finished track. The song, titled “Tell Her Now,” features two verses plus a chorus written by Lennon, but does not contain any musical accompaniment. Currently, the handwritten lyrics are on display in Liverpool as part of the new exhibit at The Beatles Story, White Feather: The Spirit of John Lennon.

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Lennon’s son Julian Lennon said, “If the time was right, if it felt right, then I would consider looking at the lyrics and maybe trying to work with them and write something. But obviously only in honour of Dad.”

If the lyrics do make it into a song, this would be the second John Lennon song completed posthumously. In 1994, the three surviving members of the Fab Four completed “Free As a Bird,” which featured Lennon’s vocals and piano.

In trying to determine precisely when the lyrics were written, museum curator Ann Darby states, “When the lyrics came up for auction over ten years ago, the auctioneers Sotheby’s estimated they were written in 1966, based on the fact that some of the lyrics are written on a note sent to George Harrison by some Japanese fans.” The Beatles played in Japan in June and July of 1966. If this is the correct year, the girl mentioned in the lyrics might even by Yoko Ono, as the two met in November of 1966.

The complete lyrics to “Tell Her Now” are as follows:

“Little girl I’ve come to stay/And this time I just have to say/I love you/If she turns you down and you’re rejected/Try again the best you can/Call to see her when you’re least expected/Tell her now she’ll understand.”


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  1. O.K. I’ve got thus much so far. And I can finish these lyrics for you. I am a very creative. And my writing ability is unlimited. It will be a great pleasure to do this for Mr. Lennon. I have been a fan of the Beatles-for a very long time. And I have written over two -hundred of poems . And they all rhyme. Just the other day, I discovered that i am in the catagory schemes of rhyming . Such as AAAA, AABB, and ABAB. I just simply can not write with out rhyming. And when i even talk, it’s automatic that rhyming word just flows from my mouth. When I send this lyrics back finished, I am going to send Mr. Lennon a poem of mines. Because the Beatles have made my heart feel so good like good loving music should. Hey! I’ve really got something else to say. I have written three or four poems about Michael Jackson. It really breaks my heart that his live has been ended. It’s constantly tearing me apart. So if the same is this that you feel, I am for real, I’d sincerely like to have the opportuniity to join with you in lyrics writing unity. My heart would simply just jump out if you found my poems to be of a really good interest to you and you come to visit me in my community.

  2. So you gonna finish the song or what, Rosemary?

    But about that song, it sounds a little lightweight for Lennon in 1966 or later. I could picture him having written it in the later half of the seventies maybe.

  3. The Beatles also finished off Lennon’s “Real Love” as a part of the Anthology, so this unfinished song would be the third song, if it is ever done.

  4. Rosemary you stated that rhyming rolls off your tongue even naturally as you speak…then why isn’t what you wrote above written in rhyme as well? It would be great for julian to finish it. He is very talented and capable by his own rights

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