Yes Releases New Single “All Connected” Ahead of New LP ‘Mirror to the Sky’

British prog rock group Yes released its latest single on Wednesday (April 26), “All Connected.” The bright, winding nine-minute new single from the group also portends the band’s next LP, Mirror to the Sky, which is set to drop on May 19.

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“I, along with my Yes bandmates are excited to announce that the second single from our new album ‘Mirror to the Sky’ is out now,” says Yes frontman, Jon Davison. “It’s titled ‘All Connected,’ and it’s a longer piece, clocking in at a challenging 9 minutes. Steve added a beautifully poignant instrumental steel part which starts the journey.

“This section emotionally builds and crescendos into a glorious lead way for the vocals to begin telling their story. Billy composed complex and compelling musical themes which I helped to arrange, and we both composed vocals and lyrics, each of us singing our respective parts, making for a rich vocal tapestry.”

The initial idea came from a musical sketch I’d created using the idea of our ‘connectivity’ in regard to communications in the modern age,” says the band’s bassist Billy Sherwood. “It’s very exciting to know YES are maintaining that edge and energy we all know and love. This track is firing on all cylinders. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did creating it.”

Yes, which started in 1968, will release its next album later this spring. Of the forthcoming new album, Steve Howe, Yes’ guitarist and the longest-running member, who also produced the band’s new LP, said it’s an important moment in the band’s history.

“This is a very important album for the band,” he said. “We kept the continuity in the approach we established on The Quest, but we haven’t repeated ourselves. That was the main thing. As Yes did in the seventies from one album to another, we’re growing and moving forward. In later years, Yes often got going but then didn’t do the next thing. This album is demonstrative of us growing, and building again.” 

Check out the tracklist for Mirror to the Sky, along with the band’s new single below.


1. Cut From The Stars 05:27

2. All Connected 09:02

3. Luminosity 09:04

4. Living Out Their Dream 04:45

5. Mirror to the Sky 13:53

6. Circles of Time 04:59


1. Unknown Place 08:15

2. One Second Is Enough 04:04

3. Magic Potion 04:08

Photo by Gottlieb Bros / SRO PR

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