Young León And Charcuterie Team Up To Celebrate Beachy, Summer Vibes On “Coastal Café”

Yes, you read the Buzzfeed-esque, Zoomer headline — as cheesy and clichéd as it may seem, Young León and Charcuterie really do have an excellent ability conjure vibes that cannot be described in any way other than “beachy” and “summer-y.” Never has this been more evident than on their new, aptly-named single “Coastal Café,” which dropped on July 10.

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“With everything going on right now, we wanted to provide an outlet to recharge the mind, and hopefully give out what we’d consider a cheap vacation from the everyday life of now,” Young León told American Songwriter. León is the vocalist of the duo and Charcuterie provides the production and beats. Despite their creative partnership being less than a year old, the duo has instantly clicked and the effortlessness of their collaboration is apparent on the track. 

“We make music for ourselves and friends,” León said. “We put it out for anyone who wants to listen. I write my best when I’ve spent time out with friends during the weekend enjoying the outdoors. Being able to combine the experiences into a song only provides us the most upbeat and vibe’n content. A nice view from the studio also helps!” 

With an indie-pop-esque soundscape, “Coastal Café” features a series of plucky samples, warm melodic hooks and León’s glossy vocals. The feel-good style of the song is reminiscent of the summer blockbuster indie-pop hits from the Obama-era — perhaps a purposeful nod, considering that Young León and Charcuterie were hoping to offer a blissful escape of sorts. 

“The lyrics depict a budding couple embarking on a much-needed vacation to the city coastline and getting lost in each other’s ways,” León said. “If we can cheer people up for two minutes during this song in these unprecedented times, that’s all we can ask for.”

Listen to Young León and Charcuterie new single “Coastal Café” below:

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