Zach Bryan Fans Lose Their Minds Over Claims This Is Country Star’s “Last Tour Ever”

Country star Zach Bryan is currently on The Quittin’ Time Tour, which is expected to run all the way through December of this year. The singer also just released his newest album, The Great American Bar Scene, and the critics are singing Bryan’s praises over tracks like “American Nights” and “Memphis; The Blues”. 

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It seems like Bryan is having quite a successful year. And fans are afraid that he might actually be calling it quits soon. Could Zach Bryan really be on his very last tour ever?

Some fans think so. Shortly after The Great American Bar Scene was released, some fans noticed that Bryan’s artist description on Spotify had changed. Specifically, the final portion of the singer’s biography noted that he is “currently on his last tour ever.”

The Spotify section in question notes: “His most recent release was on July 4th, 2024, with his third studio album, ‘The Great American Bar Scene.’ He is currently on his last tour ever, the ‘Quittin’ Time Tour.’”

Is Zach Bryan Quitting Music?

Bryan has been tight-lipped about the Spotify bio change, despite so many people reaching out to him over social media. That being said, this isn’t the first time Bryan has told his fans that he was embarking on his very last tour.

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Back in 2022, Bryan kicked off the American Heartbreak Tour and told his fans that it would be his last. There was a bit of an uproar, and Bryan clarified that he would still be performing shows but would be taking a hiatus from touring. Still, that ended up not being true, as Bryan kicked off another tour shortly after the American Heartbreak Tour wrapped.

So what is the truth? Who knows! Bryan is certainly becoming more popular and successful. His current tour has been selling out stadiums with tens of thousands of fans in attendance. It wouldn’t make sense for him to slow down now.

We’ll have to wait and see if Bryan responds to his fans on social media or makes an official announcement about his “retirement”.

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