Nashville Songwriter Series: Karyn Rochelle

Karyn Rochelle was another Nashville hopeful in search of a recording career who, unlike most who don’t get that break, ended up becoming a highly successful songwriter. Rochelle, who worked as a demo singer and as a background vocalist with Martina McBride while she honed her writing chops and built a catalog, found success by penning hits for such country acts as Trisha Yearwood, LeAnn Rimes, Ronnie Milsap and Big Machine artist Sunny Sweeney, and even had a hit R&B single by Kenny G with Chante Moore (“One More Time”). Rochelle may not have gotten exactly what she came to town for, but she’s succeeded on a completely different level and isn’t done yet. Today Rochelle has a deal as a writer with Nashville’s Big Yellow Dog Music. American Songwriter caught up with her for a few questions between writing sessions and live performances. You came to Nashville to sing and you succeeded on at least one level, becoming a pretty successful demo singer. Did singing demos that became cuts, like “I Hope You Dance,” help you with your own writing. Yes, of course. I fell into demo singing on the recommendation of a fellow co-writer. Word of mouth brought me more work and before I knew it I was singing songs by some of our industry's most incredible songwriters. I don't think I ever thought of it as a way to advance my career. I just knew these songs were great and there was nothing more I loved to do than sing. Being in the studio is where I am most comfortable. To me, nothing touches the creative energy of recording and hearing a song come to life. I just loved it and I believe that must have translated. When these writers began to ask... Sign In to Keep Reading

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