100+ More Songs We Absolutely Love From the Song Contest, Vol. 2

American Songwriter’s 2021 Song Contest received an abundance of remarkable entries, and we thought you needed to hear some of the songs that kept us dancing through the judging process. Check out the second part of the 100+ songs we love below. Volume 1 can be found HERE, and the winners of this year’s contest can be found HERE.

Featured photo of Jada Cato.

“Mad at Myself” written and performed by Emma Cutajar.

“FEEL BETTER” written by ABRAM, Fraser Watt, Kerri Watt, and Tintin; performed by ABRAM and Fraser Watt.

“Kingdom” written by Billy Joe Hall, Brianna Shelko, and Jonathan Tyler Crone; performed by Brianna and Swisha Man Slim.

“This Modern Man Is Beat” by Mark Van Holmes.

“Love Me Back” written by Brianna Fletcher and Kaylin Roberson; performed by Bri Fletcher.

“Blame It on Me” written by Dan Kurtz, Jennie Harluk, Joseph Patrick Gonsalves, and Sam Willows; performed by Jennie Harluk.

“What Kinda Love” written by Tuk Smith; performed by Tuk Smith & The Restless Hearts.

“If Heaven Has a Backdoor” written by Alex Pennington Smith, Eric Webb, Jason Afable, and Sam Koon; performed by Sam Koon.

“Love Language” written by Chandler Juliet McChesney and David Burris; performed by Chandler Juliet.

“Heartbreak Down the Middle” written by Jada Cato and Erik Halbig; performed by Jada Cato.

“Wake Me” written by Nick Spear and Susan O’Dea; performed by Big Sky City Lights.

“I’m Gonna Save You” by Bruce Miller.

“Over and Over” written and performed by Kolby Knickerbocker.

“Desert Marigold” by Rī Wolf. Listen HERE.

“Prison of Time” by Anna Wilson. Listen HERE.

“Black Travolta” written by Doug Locke and Eric Lee; performed by Doug Locke.

“Timelines” by Nan Macmillan.

“Love Me” written by Tenove; performed by Kate Stevens.

“cold coffee” written by Laurel Clouston and Quinn Hogan; performed by CACTUS ORANGE.

“All Black Everything” written by Derek Potter Jr.; performed by TeamYP.

“Bonnie and Clyde” written and performed by Dave Elwert.

“Milky Hands” written by Keshav Purushotham and Sahana Naresh; performed by Sahana Naresh.

“Pink Paisley” written by Christopher Barbini and George Rutherford McBride; performed by George McBride.

“The Devil’s A Liar” written by Russell Dritz and Palmer Lee; performed by Rusty Paige.

“Pockets In Her Dress” written by Matthew James Walden; performed by Matt Walden.

“Cold Space” written by Elizabeth Dix; performed by Liz Dix.

“Tough Love” written by Abby J Hall and Tal Vaisman; performed by Abby J Hall.

“Hollywood High” written by Sandro Ruetten; performed by TYLR.

“24,000 Miles” written by Jacob Lance Kotara and LeAnna Kaufman; performed by Lance and Lea.

“The Sky’s on Fire” written by Evan St. Martin; performed by Laden Valley.

“Carolina Pine” written by Matthew Langston; performed by eleventyseven.

“Pearls” written and performed by Piper Madison.

“They Say” written and performed by Aoife Doyle.

“I Need A Change” written and performed by Justin Cross.

“Treading Water” written by Daniel Hackett and Elisha Apurado; performed by Eli Dan.

“Fire” written by Anniina Bergman and Sasha Campbell; performed by Anniina Bergman.

“settle down” written by Giancarlo Alfanno, Jasmine Valdes, and Jenna Kohut; performed by Giancarlo Alfanno and Jasmine Valdes.

“Are You Changing?” written by Mitchell Taylor and Samuel Katz; performed by Mountains Like Wax.

“before (not after)” written and performed by Courtney Govan.

“Tinderbox Heart” by Aaron Burdett.

“Wise Woman” written and performed by Lucy Millen.

“The Song Never Dies” by Molly Stevens. Listen HERE.

“Bubble” written by Arun Bose and Jordan Armstrong; performed by Jordan Armstrong.

“Compass Rose” written and performed by Zack Fletcher.

“Paint Me” written and performed by Emily O’Neal.

“Don’t You” written by Steven Grant White; performed by Percy White.

“Fate” written by Davin Kingston, Joshua Polack, and Lily Hormel; performed by Lily Hormel.

“Worth It” by Addy Prado.

“Let Love Take You By The Hand” written by Jack Schneider and Wes Langlois; performed by Jack Schneider.

“Lipstick” by Curtis Cameron. Listen HERE.

“SOS” by Tamsin Lancaster.

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