2 Artists Who Dislike Dave Grohl

There aren’t many people who dislike Dave Grohl. He’s generally considered a pretty innocuous force in the music industry. Moreover, he’s beloved by rock fans the world over. Check out a Foo Fighters show, you’ll learn pretty quickly just how loved he is. Nevertheless, there are a couple of musicians that have said a bad word against the rocker. Check out two of them, below.

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Noel Gallagher

At this point, it might be quicker to make a list of people Noel Gallagher hasn’t had beef with. But, if we’re looking at people he has slighted in the past, Grohl makes the list. The Foo Fighters member once told a crowd of fans that we wanted Oasis to get back together. Gallagher, focused on a solo career, didn’t take kindly to that sentiment.

“I’d like to start a petition to get Foo Fighters to split up,” Gallagher fired back. Though it certainly isn’t his harshest insult ever, his distaste for Grohl’s comment was enough to earn Gallagher a spot on this list.

Courtney Love

The back and forth between Courtney Love and Grohl has been on going. Following the death of Kurt Cobain, Love and Grohl’s relationship fractured. From money struggles to blame on who drove Cobain to commit suicide, the pair don’t usually see eye to eye.

“If a guy takes money off my kid’s table, F him,” Love once said, referring to Grohl’s use of Nirvana’s royalties. “Dave makes five million dollars a Foo Fighters show. He doesn’t need the money from Nirvana, so why the eff does he have a Nirvana inc. credit card and I don’t, and last week he bought an Aston Martin on it.”

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