3 From the Vault Songs from Taylor Swift’s ‘1989 (Taylor’s Version)’ That We Absolutely Love

1989 (Taylor’s Version) has arrived and with it came five new vault tracks. While we’re thrilled to have new versions of our old faithful tracks, we can’t help but be most excited about the never-before-heard ones. Below, are our three favorite, must-listen 1989 (Taylor’s Version) vault tracks.

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1. “Slut!”

“Slut!” is the dreamy, atmospheric counterpart to “Blank Space.” Both songs tackle the name-calling Swift has endured as backlash from her public relationships. However, while one pushes back against the haters (“Blank Space”), the other wears the “Slut!” badge proudly. This song could find a comfortable home on Midnights with its swelling synths and direct lyrics. We understand why Swift left this one off the original track list. When being asked to choose between “Blank Space” and “Slut,” there really isn’t any competition. Nevertheless, we appreciate the Taylor’s Version project for giving her the room to give us both.

2. “Say Don’t Go”

Written with Diane Warren, “Say Don’t Go” is glittery pop perfection–which is in direct contrast to the sullen lyrics. I’m standin’ on a tightrope alone / I hold my breath a little bit longer, she sings amid a swirl of jolting synths. The track is in the same vein as many other songs in the record that wear Swift’s ’80s influences on their sleeves. While we don’t need this song–several others could hold the fort down–we will certainly be adding it into the rotation if we are ever in need of a break from the old standbys.

3. “Is It Over Now?”

With the opening of every vault comes at least one seething song about a past relationship of Swift’s. Because the Swifties like to keep up with her lore, these songs get a little extra attention. On 1989 (Taylor’s Version) that song is “Is It Over Now?” While we don’t want to add any more conjecture to the swirl of rumors this song has already generated, we will herald it for her cutting lyricism. As every fan will tell you, the strength of a Swift song lies in the bridge. The bridge in “Is It Over Now?” makes a strong play for one of the best on 1989.

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