Vince Gill Reveals Why He Doesn’t Put His Own Spin on Eagles Songs

To say that Vince Gill has had an impressive career would be an understatement. He started playing bluegrass in the seventies, joined Pure Prairie League in the late seventies, and played for Rodney Crowell’s band before going solo. Currently, he is playing rhythm guitar in the Eagles alongside Joe Walsh. In a recent interview, he revealed why he doesn’t inject his style into the songs they play live.

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Recently, Gill sat down with Guitar World to talk about being in the Eagles, playing with them onstage, and how he fits into the band. During the conversation, he revealed why he doesn’t try to inject his style into any of the songs.

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Vince Gill on Why He Plays the Eagles Songs As They Were Written

During the chat, Vince Gill said that he was more than happy to “rip power chords” for Walsh and only take a couple of solos during their concerts. Guitar World asked how he approaches playing the band’s classic songs live.

“The most important thing is that I don’t put my spin on things,” he said. “The beauty of what this band is, as it is today, is that we replicate those songs verbatim,” he added. Vince Gill is among the countless people who have been listening to these songs for years. He wants to honor the legacy of the band while giving the fans what they paid to see.

“It’s been interesting to learn to play these songs the way they deserve to be played because they’re not only iconic but also great songs,” he said. “The solo and the background are memorable. As a listener, you want to hear whoever is up there play “Hotel California” the way it was recorded. Anything other than that would be a disservice to the songs,” he added.

“Great playing has a beginning, a middle, and an end. I try to have my playing tell that story, just like any song,” Gill explained. “I think about all the elements, I intend always to serve the song, not myself. My favorite music is never distracting. The things you don’t notice mean the most.”

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