4 of the Best All-Time Male Singers on ‘The Voice’

The Voice has featured its share of powerhouse singers and not-quite-there vocalists since the show first launched back in 2011. Choosing the best female vocalists was no easy feat. Identifying the best male singers was no different, so take this short list with a grain of salt. These are just four of the best male singers to compete on The Voice, and there are many more in addition to them!

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1. Ryley Tate Wilson

Wilson was just a wee 15-year-old when he auditioned for The Voice. But his vocal abilities made him sound significantly older when he performed “Dancing On My Own” during his blind audition. You could see the shock on the coaches’ faces as they turned their chairs to see such a young man performing in front of them with such emotional depth. 

2. Britton Buchanan

Buchanan wowed the coaches and audiences alike with his smooth, deep vocals. His blind audition of “Trouble” by Ray LaMontagne wowed at least three of the judges, landing him on Alicia Keys’ team. He was definitely one of the best male singers to appear on The Voice!

3. Dave Fenley

Fenley has that gritty, deep, passionate voice that you only see every once in a while on The Voice. Opting for country music was a smart choice, as Fenley’s voice suited the genre beautifully. Blake Shelton snatched him up for his team, but unfortunately, Fenley didn’t make it to the end of the competition.

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4. Peyton Aldridge

Aldridge has the right amount of grit and attitude to complement his vocal ability. He’s by far one of the best country music voices to grace The Voice’s stage, and three of the coaches clocked his potential during his blind auditions. He was sent home during the knockout round, but fortunately, he’s still making and performing music today.

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