3 Reasons We’re Excited About Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour Film

Beyoncé‘s Renaissance Tour is getting made into a concert film. We in the BeyHive are trying hard to contain our excitement. But, with how much passion, ambition, and sheer talent she has displayed while on this trek, it’s hard to hide how thrilled we are we get to see it in high-def.

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There are many reasons to get excited about Beyoncé’s impending film, but below are three that are in the front of our minds.

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1. Getting a front-row seat

Don’t get us wrong, seeing Beyoncé live is priceless. However, getting a front-row seat to the Renaissance Tour was not a feat just anyone could afford. Luckily those who either weren’t able to catch Queen Bey when she stopped in their city or were sat in the nosebleeds can rest easy knowing we will have a permanent front-row seat to this tour–one that we can replay as many times as we want.

2. The elaborate costumes, stage setups, and props

The main draw of a Beyoncé concert is, of course, her era-defining hits and powerhouse vocals. There is nothing like getting to be in the audience, screaming along to one of her many anthems. With the Renaissance Tour though, there is an extra perk: the elaborate stage setup, costumes, and over-the-top props. With all the jumping and screaming we know the fans dished out while in the audience, there might have been some details that went unnoticed by the otherwise occupied crowd. Take this film as an opportunity to comb through them all.

3. Beyoncé’s isolated vocals

Though we don’t know exactly how this concert film will be executed, odds are Beyoncé’s vocals will be isolated. While having the crowd sound pumped into the final mix surely adds some ambience, you don’t want the star of the show to be drowned out while having her big screen moment. Hearing her vocals come through crisp and clear in surround sound promises to be a near-religious experience. Moreover, our fingers are crossed for another live album from her to coincide with this movie.

Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

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